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Deciding on the best sports watch for you is an extremely personal choice. Each offers a different selection of race and performance data, some of which are aimed at novice runners who want to keep things simple, and others for athletes who want to become scientists of their training.

But what makes the race perfect? Well, an accurate GPS is given these days, but now the focus is on biometric data. Most racing watches have built-in heart rate sensors, and the ability to connect a chest strap, for really intense sessions.

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timex GPS running watches – Guide

Many watches now focus on recovery, which can help prevent injuries. Using heart rate variability data, the best watches will tell you how much rest you need, and how your body will adapt to your session.timex GPS running watches

Finally, some high-end devices also look for information on your running form – evaluating data such as pace per minute (cadence) and shape of your body.

We highlighted our best choices below, but also followed other devices that impressed during our tests and that could suit different budgets and preferences.timex GPS running watches

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